Second Chance, Inc. creates "green collar jobs" by taking apart buildings that would otherwise be demolished and dumped in a landfill.  We then offer the reclaimed materials to the public at a discount, helping fund our job training and workforce development programs.

So Far in 2015, We're Proud to Report…

  • Labor Hours Created           
  • Consumer Dollars Saved    $
  • Landfill Waste Diverted        lbs
  • Volunteer Hours Used          hrs
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    Your tax-deductible financial contribution provides people, materials and the environment with more "second chances!"  To donate your material items, your house for deconstruction, or your expertise, please visit our Donations pages.  To give a monetary gift, contact us or use this secure online forum....

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    Second Chance Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Any gifts—monetary or material—are tax deductible.  They're also much appreciated, because it takes substantial revenue to operate such an extensive enterprise. 

    To facilitate as many meaningful "second chances" as possible, we cast our net as wide as possible.  We receive funds from grants and private donations, the sale of salvaged materials in our retail outlets, and Funded Deconstruction—the SCI program that enables property owners to receive generous tax benefits by funding us to train workers to deconstruct their buildings, rather than them being demolished and disposed of in landfills.  Everyone can play a role!

    Second Chance not only provides several ways to give, we also offer several great reasons to give.  In addition to the benefits discussed elsewhere, consider that at Second Chance...

    We Reclaim Lives and People

    Our first core value is "People First."  Far beyond the benefits of reclaimed materials, Second Chance is committed to helping hard-working people reclaim self-worth through creating jobs and training people to successfully fill them at SCI and beyond.  These "green collar jobs" are family-supporting, career-track, trade-level employment in environmentally-friendly fields.

    We Are Green

    From internal practices to external operations, Second Chance is firmly committed to the preservation and protection of the natural environment.  "Sustainability" is much more than an industry buzzword to us.  Our deconstruction unit is contributing to one of the rising stars of the Green Economy.  We bring new life to reclaimed materials and keep tons of highly valuable demolition waste out of area landfills, where they eventually harm the regional and global ecology.  This year alone, we expect to make $375,000 worth of high-end, quality merchandise available to our customers—items priced less than at big box stores, if they can be found there at all! 

    We Create Opportunity

    Second Chance’s workforce development effort is not complete until our trainees become our employees.  We're pleased to offer warehouse, retail, deconstruction crew, and supervisor positions to all our graduates.  Opportunity creates opportunity, and so we're equally delighted to eventually release these skilled and experienced workers to pursue rewarding careers in other venues.   

    We Retain History

    Thousands of historic structures are demolished every year.  Each time a home or building is destroyed, the community tragically loses part of its past.  Second Chance captures this architectural history and enables you to preserve this heritage in your own personal environment.  One visit to our retail outlets will confirm that there are too many valuable and unique artifacts to allow landfills and incinerators to devour them.

    Explore the rest of our donation pages to help advance the Second Chance mission!

    "Thank you so much for helping us donate to Second Chance. You made it SO EASY! You rock!" -Carolyn

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