Our 11th Deconstruction Training Class Turns Their Tassels!


It never gets old… year after year, life after life. We still get chills watching people celebrate a significant milestone on their second chance journey toward wholeness. The electricity that fills a room when something important and exciting is happening was certainly present last week when we honored our 11th graduating class!

Cheered on by family, friends and representatives from our partner, the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, each participant received a certificate to commemorate their successful completion of our 20-week Deconstruction Training Program, which incorporates both classroom instruction and extensive field learning. They are steadily overcoming various barriers to employment by embracing work and life skills necessary for vocational success in the contemporary world.

While sparring the landfill and giving materials a second chance through deconstructing (“unbuilding”) structures slated for demolition, they take advantage of their own second chance at a better life. Since we guarantee employment upon graduation, we’ve welcomed them on board as full employees and are excited for what lies ahead for them here and beyond.

Think of these folks the next time you purchase reclaimed lumber, update your kitchen cabinets or admire an old chandelier in our store. After all, it’s quite possible that one of them salvaged it for a second chance just a few days earlier!