Impact Report – How We Made a Lasting Difference in 2015!


Since opening our doors in 2003, Second Chance, Inc. has pursued our mission to retrain and employ individuals with multiple barriers to employment; reclaim reusable appliances, furniture, fixtures and materials that would otherwise burden our landfills; and renew them – people and things – to useful life. We believe in giving people, materials and the environment a second chance. Thanks to YOU, Second Chance was able to set many mission-related records during 2015. And with your continued support, we anticipate making even more progress in offering people, materials and the environment meaningful second chances in the year ahead!

The wave of positive momentum we are riding into 2016 is built on the remarkable achievements of 2015 and the backing of Second Chance’s donors, volunteers, shoppers, partners and friends. Please take a few moments to glance through the causes for celebration and acknowledgments of support highlighted below.

Grateful for your support,

Your Second Chance Team

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