2016 Best of Baltimore Awards – “Best Furniture Store” AND “Best First Date!”

September 14, 2016 – “Best First Date” and “Best Local Furniture Store” in City Paper‘s Best of Baltimore 2016
When Baltimore’s City Paper recognizes you for not just one – but TWO – distinctions in the annual award issue, we just have to share the good news!  And just as importantly, we feel compelled to pause and thank YOU, because none of these sorts of acknowledgements would happen without your continued generous support! 

Most recently, we were honored that the Reader’s Poll established us as the area’s “Best Local Furniture Store.” We know that happened because you not only voted for us, but you also shop for, tell others about, and generously donate to our wide-ranging selection of products. Again, thank you.

Meanwhile, the City Paper editors had a little fun. Mixing facts and metaphors, they deemed Second Chance, Inc. as the “Best First Date.”  It’s true… try it sometime (we’ve even hosted engagement photo sessions and a wedding)!  Rather than me bumble through a summary, you should digest the clever commentary yourself here.

Nice, huh? There aren’t many stores whose essence can be embodied by words like sexy, optimism, cute, romance, redemption and treasures. But when you’re doing all you can to provide people, products and our planet meaningful second chances, I guess those words are pretty fitting after all. So whether you’re gearing up for a new project or enjoying a new date, thanks for enjoying and enhancing the loving atmosphere over here at 1700 Ridgely Street in Baltimore.