Second Chance contributes to a second chance for East Grand Bahama after Dorian’s Devastation


Remember Hurricane Dorian?  Even though it was just six weeks ago, most of us won’t recall the devastation inflicted by this Category 5 beast.  After all, our lives and news feeds remain perpetually saturated.  The subconscious, sanity-saving impulse to sprint beyond “bad news” that doesn’t directly impact us is certainly understandable. 

Still, long after the footage disappears and the posts dissipate, following every disaster is a community struggling to rebuild, heal and eventually return to normal (or better).  Such is certainly the case with East Grand Bahama, Bahamas….

To experience a truly harrowing tale of survival, the loving courage of amazing people, and the resourceful plans of early recovery, please click here and then click the “Read more” link at the top of the page. (Here is the fledgling Facebook page for this grassroots effort.)

May the last standing church on the island that we’re helping repair as an emergency community center be a beacon of light, hope and recovery for years to come….

Thank you for supporting Second Chance so that we can support a variety of meaningful second chances – from Baltimore to the Bahamas and Beyond!