The Concept House

What Is and What Can Be

The Concept House is a true reflection of the mission of Second Chance!

Guided by the vision of our Founder & CEO, Mark Foster, this innovative project incorporates all phases of Second Chance's efforts -- from deconstruction and training, to donations and salvage, to preservation and reuse.

The Concept House began with the deconstruction of the original two-story, 1,600-square-foot home in the Hampton neighborhood of Baltimore County. Skilled Second Chance crews carefully dismantled the building and salvaged the vintage materials to be sold for reuse in our 250,000 sq ft retail warehouse. As is our practice, the deconstruction site served as a living classroom to train workers who have faced employment challenges. (Watch some of their powerful, personal testimonies of transformation here!)

After the original house was disassembled to the foundation--preserving only the chimney--crews constructed a new, 8,200-square-foot house. From exterior details to interior decorations and doors; to floors, fixtures and furniture; the Concept House incorporates Second Chance's salvaged materials in every conceivable way.

It’s been a labor of love - taking 6+ years to complete. As a reflection of our focused social enterprise, we carefully curated each piece and its placement. We did it all internally without designers or architects. We wanted to show others that anyone can do this! The finished homestead exhibits what can be accomplished with some salvaged materials and imagination.

Please view the following videos and articles on the project to learn more. We are offering additional events and tours as the pandemic wanes. Stay tuned for details, and let us know if you'd like to check it out!

The Transformation Journey

In this video pairing before and after shots, you'll get a true sense of the total transformation that's taken place at 600 East Seminary Avenue.

This slideshow will give you a sense of the painstaking progress from the earliest days that resulted in the beauty that now exists.


The Results Are In!


Concept House In the News

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