As a Workforce Development Nonprofit, Labor Day Is Kinda Like Our Independence Day!

On this day set aside to honor hard work, we’re passing on proud & passionate props to Donavon S. This motivated driver for our transportation fleet just slayed his MVA CDL test!! **Commercial Drivers License** We didn’t require it; he WANTED it 🙌
Donavan represents so many of our 200+ employees and trainees who diligently work to improve their lives… and, in the process, improve all our lives and environment!
On this #LaborDay, we’re compelled to thank YOU for helping provide tangible second chances that fuel determination and foster dignity….. ❤️💪🏽
“There is no substitute for hard work.” – Thomas A. Edison
(P.S. Book a donation pick-up and you might just get to congratulate Donavon in person 😄)