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“Community Partners Evenings” Commence!

Local social enterprises have the ability to create a full spectrum network of support, care and continuity for the Baltimore community. To strengthen our collaborative efforts, this week we hosted the first of many “Community Partners Evenings.” This was a powerful opportunity to share not only our Retrain, Reclaim and […]

SC in Next Avenue’s Article “Using Salvage Stores to Improve Your Home on the Cheap”

May 16, 2019 – “Using Salvage Stores to Improve Your Home on the Cheap” by Judy Colbert in the Money section of Next Avenue After colorful commentary that surfaces advantages of using old materials in new designs, Colbert writes: Pete Theodore, marketing manager for Second Chance, in Baltimore, cites another advantage […]

“Inside Second Chance, Baltimore’s treasure trove of repurposed home decor” in The Baltimore Sun

April 22, 2019 – “Inside Second Chance, Baltimore’s treasure trove of repurposed home decor” by Karl Merton Ferron in The Baltimore Sun Enjoy this article — and wonderful gallery of twenty-one images — from this edition of the Sun’s “The Darkroom!”  

Named “Best Thrift Store” in Baltimore Sun’s 2019 “Baltimore’s Best!”

From page 39 of the Sun’s Lifestyle & Shopping category in Baltimore’s Best on April 21, 2019….

Who Wants to Winny the Mini?! Raffle Details Here….

UPDATE:  As to that beautiful Mini Cooper we raffled off earlier this year….  It’s been in the store for several months now. Guess what? It’s almost October and the winner has (finally) taken it home! 🏆 Congratulations to Angela, and thanks to all who helped us raise some funding for […]

Local Country Music Icon “Michael J” Gives SC a Lengthy Shout Out on Air!

March 11, 2019 – “Raving Maniacs” podcast by Michael J. What an honor to hear an unsolicited four-minute explanation of Second Chance on the radio by local DJ legend Michael J.!  He’s clearly more than just a shopper, as it’s readily evident he grasps the mission and breadth of our […]

Now Selling Select Products on eBay

Check out the items we now have listed on eBay here! Some are eligible for shipping and others for local pickup at the store. You’ll be able to purchase any item here in the store if you prefer. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about a product!

Nice to make the front page of the Baltimore Sun…. even nicer to facilitate community service!

February 19, 2019 – “‘It takes everyone working together’: Civic Works volunteers help seven nonprofits across Baltimore” by Lillian Reed on page 1 of The Baltimore Sun We appreciate the Baltimore Sun’s coverage of Civics Works annual day of service.  Check out the prominent role Second Chance played in their […]

Green Demolition = Great Discount!

Planning to tear down an existing home or structure in order to build a new one? Contact us to learn how choosing deconstruction creates wins for people, products, the planet and your pocketbook!