2020 Best of Baltimore Award for “Architectural Salvage” from Baltimore Magazine!

Best of balt 2020 award
To “salvage” is “to save goods from damage or destruction.” The descriptive term “architectural” indicates that what is being saved has to do with distinct elements of a building. Often, these objects are laden with rich character and an interesting history — things you just can’t find in a Big Box store.
Our architectural salvage collection contains some of the most unique pieces among our 250,000 sq ft of retail space. We are uniquely positioned to refresh our stock because we have crews throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond who are dismantling (deconstructing) homes and other structures by hand every day. Those materials would, sadly, end up in the landfill otherwise. We then transport them to the store for you to peruse, where their purchase helps to fund our workforce development training programs. It’s a win in so many ways!
Speaking of a “win,” it is a true honor to be recognized by Baltimore Magazine as having the best collection of architectural salvage! If you haven’t visited in a while, grab a mask and come see all the new goodies we have in our spacious store. And if you’ve never been, well… you’ll want to make it a point to check out the best architectural salvage around from 9 to 5 Thursday – Sunday near Raven’s Stadium. Thanks for your support, BMore and beyond!