Sen. Ben Cardin Discusses Importance of Second Chances at Innovative South Baltimore Social Enterprise

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June 2, 2015 – “Cardin Discusses Importance of Second Chances at Innovative South Baltimore Social Enterprise” Press Release from the Office of Maryland Senator Benjamin Cardin

After his visit and roundtable participation at Second Chance, among other insights the Senator notes: ““It never ceases to amaze me what people can do when they are given even the smallest glimmer of hope, and I saw that transformative power on display at Second Chance. If you want to see people from some incredibly challenging backgrounds turning their lives around, visit them in South Baltimore. Second Chance isn’t only equipping people with the skills needed for ‘green-collar’ jobs, it’s helping communities renew themselves,” said Senator Cardin. “It’s also a lot of fun to shop there – their retail space is huge and filled to overflowing with every piece of architectural salvage you can think to list.”


“There isn’t a single member of the United States Senate who hasn’t received a second chance at one point or another,” said Senator Cardin. “If we want to reduce recidivism and truly allow people to re-establish their lives after a criminal conviction, we must allow Americans who have served their time to reintegrate fully by seeking gainful employment in our communities. That’s what Second Chance does for Baltimore, providing job training and real-world opportunities for its staff. Along the way, they learn a number of fundamental life skills and develop professional references, a first for many. The importance of these things to someone trying to re-enter society is difficult to overestimate.”