Celebrate Service with Second Chance!


On #InternationalVolunteersDay (December 5th), we celebrate the wonderful impact volunteers make around the world. We are humbled that thousands have fueled positive change by serving at Second Chance through the years.

For example, Aaron is a local college student who came as part of his school’s outreach program. He ended up appreciating our mission so much that he now volunteers with us on his own. Along the way, he has become friends with one of our staff and the two men share a special friendship.

Second Chance salutes our many wonderful volunteers. Be it a party of 2 or 200, they always bring energy and leave tangible results. There would be fewer second chances for people, products and our planet without them. So on this day of recognition, we pause to say THANK YOU to each and every person who has pitched in!

If you or your group would like to get in the game one time or regularly, please reach out to us by email or this online form. There’s something to do for nearly every skill, size and schedule!

Grateful for helping hands,

Your Second Chance Team