A Day to Make a Difference!

On this #GivingTuesday, please take a moment to reflect on a brief story of real life change that only happens by your generosity….
Jess knows what it’s like to need a second chance. Her earliest years were spent with a parent so dominated by her addictions that Jess never learned the simplest lessons, like brushing her teeth or going to school. She started smoking pot at thirteen years old. “It was normal. Everybody did it, so it wasn’t a big thing for me.” Jess’s habit escalated to Xanax and heroin in her teens. Her life from her teens to her early 20’s became, in her words, “a chaotic circus mess” of addiction, petty crime and teen parenthood, culminating in an 18-month jail sentence.
In jail, Jess participated in the STAR program (Striving Together to Achieve Recovery), an intensive combination of peer support and professional therapy that Jess credits with turning her life around. By the time she completed the program and her sentence, she was strong enough to recognize that she needed to break with her old way of life. Jess applied successfully to Marian House, a healing and supportive residential community and one of Second Chance’s recruitment partners.
Working at Second Chance is another milestone in Jess’s recovery. “The fact that you guys trust me means a lot. This is the longest job I’ve had clean and I love it. I really do. It feels great. And everybody here understands people in recovery or where they’ve been.”
Jess deeply appreciates the second chance that she has been given. And on this Giving Tuesday, we deeply appreciate your support of the programs we offer that create real change in people’s lives!

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