We Have a Winner!


UPDATE:  As to that beautiful Mini Cooper we raffled off earlier this year….  It’s been in the store for several months now. Guess what? It’s almost October and the winner has (finally) taken it home! 🏆 Congratulations to Angela, and thanks to all who helped us raise some funding for our workforce development programs!

P.S. I say “finally” tongue in cheek. Angela has a perfectly good excuse for not getting the car sooner. Seems this little thing called “deployment” keeps getting in the way! She’s been serving our country oversees and was just home for a brief visit before heading back for another tour. We think it’s great that this car went to a member of our armed forces! Hey Angela, stay safe…. you’ve got a fun ride to tool around in when you get back home! 🚘

The Mini Cooper has entered the building, and now you can enter the raffle!

Tickets are $100 each. Only 100 will be sold, so you’ll have at least a 1 in 100 chance to win this beautiful 2008 convertible Mini Cooper with under 65k miles, only one owner, all maintenance records, passed MD state inspection and valued at $9,900! Come “kick the tires” by the sales desk, where you can purchase your ticket starting today. (Store directions here.)