Learn About Our Stormwater Management Initiative


During the past several months, Second Chance has undergone a comprehensive greening project to protect our local environment. You’ll notice the changes as soon as you arrive.

By way of background, our rooftop and parking lot spans some 10 acres. Due to this extensive area of impervious surface, even light rains create an abundance of runoff water that floods our parking lot area and spills directly into the local waterways.

This excess runoff, also called “stormwater,” adds toxins and pollutants to local water sources.

Driven by our environmental priorities, Second Chance worked with state and local agencies to find ways to minimize the negative impact to the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

A stormwater plan was implemented to incorporate “best greening practices.” This involved removing 7,800 sq. ft. of existing impervious surface and replacing it with green space. More indigenous landscaping will be installed during the fall planting season.

Of special interest is the implementation of innovative eco-strategies to direct, sequester and filter the stormwater using micro-bioretention, bioswales, and Filterra filtering products. We are proud that the water that eventually enters the Chesapeake Bay from our campus is now substantially purified!

Second Chance is grateful to have partnered with the following organizations, without whom this project would not have been possible.

Your support of Second Chance’s mission to retrain, reclaim and renew truly makes a difference to our environment and those within it. Stay tuned to hear about more innovative green initiatives on our campus in the days ahead!