“Made in Baltimore” Furniture Showroom Opens at Second Chance!


Many of you know us well enough to know there always something going on at Second Chance! Whether it’s a visit by a U.S. Senator, an award for workforce development excellence, the preservation of some historical treasures, or the large “Art All Night” event we’re planning for October, it’s never dull around here.

One new item of interest on the retail front is a sort of “pop up store” within our store. It’s a Furniture Showroom called Made in Baltimore because, well, all the goods are made by local furniture makers!

Situated in 1,000 sq ft of space and sponsored by the Industrial Arts Collective, you can get to know the work of several area craftsmen and order one of their unique products or request something customized.

Second Chance is proud to support the local artisan community who are getting their hands dirty making beautiful, functional items, sometimes even out of reclaimed materials found in our store. We hope you’ll explore the Showroom while it’s here the next couple months. It’s pretty cool stuff. And hey, why not check out some of our products or donate your own while you’re at it?!