On CBS’ WJZ Channel 13 – “Second Chance Creates New Opportunity For Small Businesses And Local Artisans”


Did you catch us on CBS’s WJZ Channel 13 Sunday, February 6? If not, here’s the segment covering our monthly Community Spotlight Festival! The focus is on the 8 Baltimore area black-owned businesses and artisans we are hosting all of February in honor of Black History Month. Just click this link for more information about and links to our special guests: @AfroThreads @BYKE Collective @BlackWomenBuild Baltimore @RegalClothes @DramaMaMaBookshop @NinasCookieExplosion @ItsMajorCreationsApparel @TaylorMadeEnp SynergyGrid

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Originally aired by WJZ TV on 02/06/2022 at https://youtu.be/p_4Yg5_oJdI