Cabinets, So hard to make the Right choice of Kitchen Cabinets!

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Second Chance has the most Unusual Collections and Cost effective choices of Kitchen Cabinets in Maryland.

We also sell so many, so fast that some of our Photos are Blurs! They are here today and gone today…..that fast!

Our prices range from $800.00 a kitchen to over $18,000 a kitchen. We have a plethora of Colors, Styles, Manufactures, Designs, Combinations, Sizes and prices!

Some are perfect, just plug them in and your are done. Some you could add a few of your own touches to make them perfect. Others, well, use your own creativity to make your kitchen sing your style!

These cabinets are not limited to the kitchen. Man Caves, Home Theatres, Bathrooms, Offices, Restaurants, Workrooms, Garage Upgrades, Play rooms, Second/Summer Kitchens, and the list goes on!

Why not put a cabinet or two on Wheels and have a kitchen to go, Literally, I mean TO GO!