Gelato Case – Beige

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Gelato Case – Beige

Great Oscartielle Ventura 6C83F gelato display case.


Donation from Itaberco dessert company. We believe them to be working but cannot guarantee they are. Therefore, we are selling these products “As Is”.


Wood is chipped on one side and there are minor dents and scratches.


Dimensions: 45″ depth x 48″ wide x 55″ high

Model #: Ventura 6C83F Serial #: 1035

Refrigerant Type: 404A

Condensing Unit Voltage: 220 V Lights Voltage: 320V

Defrost Type: GAS Fans Voltage: 220V

Condensate Heaters Voltage: 220 V

Pressure Test Low PSI: 25

Total Running Amps: 15

Maximum Circuit: 30


Price: $249.00


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