Re-purposeful decor: home designers, too, can reduce, reuse and recycle

April 25, 2013 – “Re-purposeful decor: home designers, too, can reduce, reuse and recycle” in The Washington Post by Janet Bennett Kelly

Green designer and consultant Topher Paterno uses these criteria for judging the eco-friendliness of decor: Is it reclaimed, repurposed, recyclable, renewable or have green intent? As for where to find it, Paterno, who owns Pazzo Verde, an eco-sensitive design, building and consulting company based in Washington, offers these sourcing tips: 1. Look for reclaimed doors, flooring and kitchen cabinets from salvage companies such as Community Forklift and Second Chance. 2. When shopping online, use “eco” as one of your search terms. 3. Frequent thrift stores to find furniture and recycle it. “It can be less expensive to reupholster an old couch than to buy a new one.”