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13 Architectural Salvage Stores Where You Can Buy Gorgeous Reclaimed Pieces

What’s old is new again.

By Dobrina Zhekova on February 25, 2021

Modern architecture may be all about futuristic designs and nature-inspired glass structures, but the past still has a place in our homes. Whether it’s a Georgian fireplace that oozes Old World charm and coziness, or an elaborate wrought-iron stair railing salvaged from a historic home, when it comes to finding unique décor features, there is no better place to look than architectural salvage stores.

Unlike antiques that are usually old objects d’art or furniture pieces, architectural salvage encompasses a much broader range of interior décor items and home features. The goal of salvage businesses (and non-profit organizations) is to retrieve as much as possible from old buildings slated for demolition, including bathtubs, lighting fixtures, window trims, and even flooring and roofing accents. It is a slow process that requires a lot of patience and a lot of knowledge as some interior features, such as stained glass windows, for example, can be easily damaged.

Architectural salvage stores are where you’ll find literal pieces of architectural history—objects created hundreds of years ago at the helm of a particular design movement (and often in other countries) that are truly priceless. That’s why salvage places play such an important role in preservation. Sustainability is another reason why people are showing up more and more at architectural salvage stores. Reclaiming and reusing a vintage piece of décor—be it a decorative door or even construction materials such as brick and lumber—is, of course, an environmentally friendly practice.

Ready to add some historic character to your home? Head to these stores that go above and beyond to offer the most beautiful architectural salvage.