Second Chance Moving to a New Home of Its Own

January 24, 2012 – “Second Chance Moving to a New Home of Its Own” Front page of the Business Section of The Baltimore Sun by Lorraine Mirabella  (video here as well)

Since opening in 2003 in a leased warehouse in the crumbling industrial area just south of M&T Bank Stadium, Second Chance has grown to occupy several leased warehouses. But it has always operated under the threat of eviction, thanks to various redevelopment proposals in the area.

No more. On Thursday, Second Chance will officially open its permanent home in a huge warehouse on Ridgely Street, just across Russell Street from the current location.

The move, undertaken to make room for a future slots casino, will allow Second Chance to operate more efficiently, said Mark Foster, the organization’s founder and chief executive.

He said the permanent dwelling also will enable the group to better carry out its dual mission: to find new purposes for old building materials and furnishings, and to train the unemployed in job and life skills. Workers in the training program staff the warehouses and retail operations and also work on deconstruction projects — carefullly taking apart homes and other structures to salvage the parts……