The Baltimore Sun Publishes Insightful Update on the Lawsuit Against Second Chance That Was Dismissed with Full Apologies

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Full vindication… FINALLY!

Please review our original press release about this frivolous lawsuit – one which the plaintiffs (Gogtay/Dixit) themselves had to admit was ultimately defenseless and unnecessarily damaging. Then, please read the latest article from the Baltimore Sun that explains the erroneous nature of the lawsuit and its negative implications on our social enterprise.


Given the multifaceted import of our nonprofit mission, we were relieved the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice… and what amounts to an apology.

From the onset, there was no validity to the case. However, the Sun’s original article alerted the broad public about this spurious class action lawsuit. (By the way, it was never even certified as a class action suit, because nobody was naive enough to join the plaintiff). Appearing in search engine result pages when Second Chance was queried, some chose not to partner with our valuable nonprofit work because of this irresponsible litigation. Sadly, deserving Baltimore residents in need of a supportive ‘hand up’ were the ones most hurt by this negligence.

Given our understandable disappointment since the article was originally published, we are delighted that the Baltimore Sun published an updated article that reflects the current favorable realities toward Second Chance and our time-tested home donation processes. Our hope is that this new information will more than mitigate any uneasiness among potential deconstruction home donors that may have existed before. Their tax advisors and other financial consultants should feel at greater ease, too.

Please contact us if we can offer any further clarification. Moreover, we are always eager to share how you can realize potentially significant tax advantages of donating a home or structure slated for demolition. Our nonprofit work depends on it, and people, products, the planet and your pocketbook will thank you!