How it Works

Just because a building has outlived its useful life doesn’t mean that all of its components are also ready to retire. Many older buildings in urban and rural locations contain interesting and unique elements that can be reused or repurposed in new and different ways.

Through a process called “deconstruction,” architectural and structural elements are carefully removed and salvaged before a building is demolished. Quality, historical items retain their useful and valuable properties, and even common materials find a second chance.

Deconstruction is time consuming, labor intensive and tedious. Elements that are too large to stay intact must be removed in pieces and reassembled later. Materials like flooring and dimensional lumber are extracted, de-nailed, and cut into useful, sellable lengths. Whether they are used to save money or maintain the character of another time period, repurposed or historical elements are worthy of preserving.

The historical and practical benefits of deconstruction are matched by its positive environmental impact. Deconstruction enables thousands of tons of material to be diverted from our landfills and used to enhance spaces where we live, work and play. Deconstruction is one of the few triple-bottom-line industries: it is socially responsible, financially sustainable, and environmentally friendly. This provides Second Chance a strategic way to fulfill its mission, which includes job training for those facing employability challenges. From retrieving materials, to providing jobs and reducing waste, deconstruction is at the hub of our business.

We’ve worked from Florida to Maine to Colorado deconstructing everything from rustic barns to marble mansions. For an average size home, a crew may spend about 10 days meticulously dismantling it. We’ve earned high regard as experts not only for our efficient, skillful labor, but also for guiding home donors through the process smoothly and intelligently. Two decades of honing our approach sets us apart. We’d love to talk to you about your potential project!

“I had an extremely positive experience dealing with Second Chance. You all were incredibly professional and helped guide me through the deconstruction process. I have recommended your services to others and will continue to do so. It’s nice to know that our home was donated to a worthy cause and didn’t end up in a landfill that negatively impacts the environment. In addition, the deconstruction process allowed individuals to get on the job training and develop valuable construction skills. Keep up the good work!”

— Elizabeth Cohen

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