What is Deconstruction?

Simply put, deconstruction is the systematic disassembly (“unbuilding”) of a structure by hand in order to salvage the maximum economic and environmental value of materials through reuse and recycling. Similarly stated, it’s the process of taking a building apart in the reverse order of construction to skillfully remove valuable building materials and save rich architectural history. Homes and other structures can be deconstructed partially or completely, resulting in tax benefits to the donor.


Deconstruction represents a cost-effective method of waste and material recovery. It provides a much needed alternative to harmful methods of building consumption, resource waste, and careless disposal. Unlike landfills and incineration processes, the practice of reclaiming, recovering and reusing building materials is ecologically sustainable and environmentally sound.


When Second Chance resells these reclaimed materials for reuse or repurposing, funds are generated to support our workforce development programs for disadvantaged citizens. In turn, these new “green collar workers” are equipped to perpetuate the trade and create a plethora of benefits. That’s why we urge you to consider partnering with us in fulfilling a win-win-win strategy!

(View more action photos of our crews engaged in deconstruction here and here!)

Interested in possibly donating a home for deconstruction?

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