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About Us

Second Chance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides people, materials and the environment with a second chance. We deconstruct buildings and homes, salvage usable materials and make those - and other donated items - available to the public for reuse in our 200,000 square feet of retail space. With the revenue generated, we provide job training and workforce development for those with employment obstacles in the Baltimore region.

Why Work with Second Chance?

Second Chance, Inc. creates "green collar jobs" by taking apart buildings that would otherwise be demolished and dumped in a landfill. We then offer the reclaimed materials and other donated goods to the public at a discount, helping fund our job training and workforce development programs that primarily serve those who face barriers to employment.

Triple Bottom Line Focus

We are a dynamic, established social enterprise with a true triple-bottom-line focus, always striving to give people, material and the environment meaningful second chances at new life.

Environmentally Sound

“Sustainability” is much more than an industry buzzword to us. We divert many tons of perfectly good materials from the wastestream, thus greatly decreasing natural resource extraction, energy use, landfill burden and their harmful ecological impact.

Socially Responsible

We believe that people matter more than profits and those genuinely seeking a second chance should get it. By equipping individuals with life and vocational skills, we instill self-worth and help change families, communities and beyond.

Financially Viable

Our model makes financial sense for everyone, offering significant tax advantages to donors and significant savings to consumers. The result is the creation of living wage jobs for those who've faced vocational challenges.


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