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Why Work with Second Chance?

Triple bottom line focus

We are a dynamic, established social enterprise with a true triple-bottom-line focus, always striving to give people, material and the environment meaningful second chances at new life.

Environmentally Sound

"Sustainability" is much more than an industry buzzword to us. We divert many tons of perfectly good materials from the wastestream, thus greatly decreasing natural resource extraction, energy use, landfill burden and their harmful ecological impact.

Socially Responsible

We believe that people matter more than profits and those genuinely seeking a second chance should get it. By equipping individuals with life and vocational skills, we instill self-worth and help change families, communities and beyond.

Financially Viable

Our model makes financial sense for everyone, offering significant tax advantages to donors and significant savings to consumers. The result is the creation of living wage jobs for those who've faced vocational challenges.


Workforce Development

By offering both training opportunities and jobs in a growing industry of the new Green Economy, the Second Chance model provides a powerful pathway to sustainable careers for Baltimore citizens facing the most difficult employment challenges. The positive impact this has on the lives of our workforce, their families, and the greater community is undeniable.


A primary way we fulfill our workforce development mission is by equipping Baltimore-area residents who face employment challenges to master sustainable deconstruction (“unbuilding”) skills en route to a lifetime of dignified employment. There are numerous benefits for those who donate homes slated for demolition to become a “living classroom” in our training.


Mission Impact

In 2021...

Labor Hours Created
Lbs of Landfill Waste Diverted
Consumer Dollars Saved
Volunteer Hours Used
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Always among our most anticipated and well-received communications is the annual Impact Report we compile each year. It reflects our heartbeat. Peruse it to better grasp who we are, what we do, and why we do it.



We host a variety of local artisans, nonprofits, and small business enterprises that help our community thrive. Our goal is to solidify the idea of community and community support, particularly during these challenging times.