“Community Spotlight Festival” – Meet new local artisans, nonprofits, and sustainable small business enterprises each month that help our community thrive!


As the COVID pandemic lingered through the end of 2021, we again amped up our support of the community through our new “Community Spotlight Festival.” We are providing dedicated spaces within our massive retail warehouse to highlight local artisans, nonprofits, and small business enterprises that help our community thrive. We have long dreamed of this, enjoyed sporadic successes, and are excited to now be making it happen on a wider scale!

Each month several participants will showcase their business and mission, from providing support to formerly enslaved women to candy makers opening their kitchens to upcoming entrepreneurs to those truly making our world more sustainable. Our goal is to solidify the idea of community and community support, particularly during these challenging times.

Enjoy discovering and interacting with your “community” while shopping at Second Chance and supporting our mission. We are better…together!

September & October 2022

As we head into the cooler months of fall, it wouldn’t be odd to yearn for the days of curling up with an unexplored literary adventure while nestled under a light blanket. Perhaps a warm decaf mocha or chilled glass of wine nearby? A flickering fire to add ambiance? Refreshment and intrigue for mind, soul and body might just await….

The focus of our Community Spotlight Festival during these two months – celebrating the Baltimore literary scene – coddles those sorts of cravings!

Please come and meet….

Ron Cassie

Ron Cassie is a Senior Editor at Baltimore magazine, where he’s won national awards for his coverage of the death of Freddie Grey, sea-level rise on the Eastern Shore, and the opioid epidemic in Hagerstown.  His work has appeared as a notable selection in The Best of American Sports Writing, in partnership with the Pulitzer Center in Newsweek, CityLab, Huffington Post, Grist, The New York Daily News, The Baltimore Sun, several alternative weeklies, including Baltimore City Paper, and Urbanite.

He is the author of If you Love Baltimore, It Will Love You Back.  This collection of short stories, culled from a decade spent roaming around Charm City with a notebook in his back pocket is a wide-ranging city writing and literary journalism that speaks directly to the fabric of a place.  There are encounters with former Rep. Elijah Cummings, Former Senator Barbara Mikulski, and Orioles Hall-of Famer Jim Palmer. But more often, these stories revolve around people few Baltimoreans have heard of.

The Ivy Bookshop

The Ivy Bookshop is located at 5928 Falls Road in Baltimore, Maryland.  Our shelves are stocked with a wide array of selections, our staff are ready with careful recommendations, and our store is situated on nearly three acres of beautiful gardens.  During the warmer months, we host a full season of author events on our back patio.  Come by to browse, talk books, wander, picnic and, of course, read.  Please feel free to visit us at www.theivybookshop.com or contact us at info@theivybookshop.com.

Mason Jar Press

Mason Jar Press has been publishing handmade, limited-run chapbooks and full-length books since 2014.  The press is dedicated to finding new and exciting work by writers that push the bounds of literary norms.  While the work Mason Jar seeks to publish is meant to challenge status quos, both literary and culturally, it must also have significant merit in both those realms.

John N. Huffington

John Huffington – a former employee then manager at Second Chance – spent 32 years in the Maryland Prison System, 10 of which were on Death Row.  Maintaining his innocence for the crimes of which he was convicted, he ultimately secured his release from prison in 2013 through a Writ of Actual Innocence.

The diligence of the law firm Ropes & Gray and the investigative journalism of the Washington Post led to uncovering the key evidence – hair samples – were proven through DNA testing to have been unreliable evidence.

John is the author of “innocent An Obscene Miscarriage of Justice” in which he …” guides you through the worlds of drug dealing, the legal system, decades in prison and finally freedom with clear, passionate prose.” He currently serves as Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Holdings Management Company and Vice President of COO of the Kinetic Capital Community Foundation.  He has done work breaking the cycle of poverty, unemployment and incarceration by using a multi-generational approach to providing low-skilled, unemployed, underemployed, and dislocated workers with multiple pathways to achieve financial stability.

Bowerbox Press

Val Lucas, a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, runs Bowerbox Press, a letterpress and woodcut printing studio in rural Monkton, Maryland. She is inspired by the natural world and landscapes, wildlife and farm animals, and the history of letterpress printing.  By combining the age-old traditions of hand-set metal and wood type with woodcut images, she creates prints, posters, books, and cards that reflect her diverse interests, and offers custom printing and binding.  She teaches letterpress and bookbinding at Towson University and in private workshops.

Zora’s Den

Zora’s Den is an online community of Black women writers started in January 2017.  What began in response to a Facebook post about community-building has grown into a thriving collective of women.

It has expanded into writing workshops, a writers ‘circle, and a monthly reading series, in real life. We strive to promote instruction, support and social engagement.  Our mission is to uplift Black women writers and their stories, acknowledging free agency over their experiences and voices, in their words.

Emily Fussner

Emily Fussner is a multidisciplinary artist whose work highlights peripheral patterns in everyday spaces and explores questions of transience and presence, fragility and strength, perception and care.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions and she has been commissioned to create site-specific installations for Georgetown Glow and The Foggy Bottom Outdoor Sculpture Biennial.  She holds an MFA in Visual Arts from George Mason University and BS in Printmaking from Indiana Wesleyan University. She is currently Events Manage & Resident Designer for Washington Project for the Arts.

Meg Eden

Meg Eden is a 2020 Pitch Wars mentee. Her work is published or forthcoming in magazines including Prairie Schooner, the Rumpus, Poetry Northwest, Crab Orchard Review, RHINO and DV2.

Meb received her MFA in creative writing from the University of Maryland College Park. She teaches creative writing courses and has taught at a range of places, including Anne Arundel Community College, Southern New Hampshire University online, University of Maryland College Park, Eckleburg Workshops, and the Writer’s Center in Bethesda.

She is the author of five poetry chapbooks, the novel Post-High School Reality Quest, the poetry collection Drowning in the Floating World and the forthcoming novel-in-verse Good Different. She is also a participating author with the PEN/Faulkner Writers in Schools program.

July & August 2022

During July and August, we will be hosting and celebrating several local installation and mural artists! Please join us at Second Chance on Friday, July 15, from 3 – 5 p.m. for an official installation opening that showcases this eclectic group of talented artists. Sweet Satisfaction Ice Cream Truck and Vagrant Coffee will be serving up some goodies to enjoy while you wander and wonder!

Kelly Walker

Kelly Walker uses a wide range of atypical materials pushing mediums past their intended purpose- creating works referencing graffiti, landscape and color field.  Her work absorbs the beauty, chaos and reality of Baltimore City. In an immense labor of love, Walter transformed a rundown auto shop in the heart of the city into a live/work space that has been featured in Baltimore Magazine as a work of art in its self-boasting the work of other local artists.

Kimberly George Art

Kimberly George is a sculpture artist whose work highlights the fluid nature of fabric. Both modern and minimal, yet intricate and inviting, her work is versatile and translates to many design styles. Her collection of sculpture painting is created from plaster and fabric with attention to texture and color.

Stephanie Garon

Stephanie’s artwork investigates the vulnerability of nature to humanity. The juxtaposition of natural objects against industrial materials exposés dichotomies of formality/fragility and permanence/impermanence.  A contemporary twist on the Arte Povera movement, her internationally exhibited work addresses climate crisis politics and mediates attention to the materials themselves.  Her contemplative spaces explore how we, as people, interrupt the natural world around us.

Mike McConnell Art

Mike’s paintings, drawings, and constructions are fueled by life experiences and nature.  He works intuitively, combining, editing, and recombining marks into compositions that are unexpectedly recognizable.  He does not set out to tell a story, but his many years as an illustrator inevitably weave their way into his work.

Katie Pumphrey

Katie, an open water swimmer, has lived and worked in the Highlandtown Arts District for 10 years. She can be found most days in her studio at Crown Cork & Seal working on her hand build large canvases, allowing her to customize the size of her acrylic and spray paint-covered works Recently, she has expanded her work to include sculptural pieces made using inflatable plastic beach toys filled with spray foam and fiber filling, which she exhibits as large hanging sculpture. Her work explores the tension and connection between chaos and calm and she of ten pulls inspiration from the water and swimming.

Iandry Randriamandroso

Iandry Randriamandroso is a Muralist and a Graphic and Community Artist. He specializes in graphic and mixed media art-making that focuses on environmental and social subjects.  He uses his artworks as educational tools to facilitate inclusive and hands-on presentations, community arts workshops, art classes, and mural projects in public and private venues around the US.

Laura Ferrara

Laura Ferrara is a Baltimore artist who works full-time and paints in her converted garage studio-often visited by deer, fox, and a friendly ground hog.

June 2022

In Celebration of Design: Interior, Graphic and Product!


Against the Grain

While paper has been a longstanding canvas for artists, designer Bridgette George seeks the source’s origins to serve as the foundation for her artwork. With a passion for design and ambition to set herself apart from other designers, George partnered with longtime friend Cindy Gross to start her own company that would redefine the meaning of art.

George calls her work “artinfusion”: an innovative technique using cutting-edge technology that preserves the integrity of each unique wood species and the durability of the furniture.  Her inspirations derive from nature, which seamlessly blends in with her choice to use wood in its raw, natural state.

“There’s a lot of synergy between the patterns I draw and the wood species I end up using to print my designs onto. Real wood is a living being that offers an organic perspective to my designs and breathes life into art.  Every piece, whether it’s a console table or wall panel, is created differently because of each wood slab’s unique DNA; it’s akin to custom-made furniture.

M Design

m design was founded by Baltimore graphic designer Emily Goldstein in 2002 and serves all types of clients. Emily Goldstein, “m”, is a  problem solver. Her unique conceptual ability and sophisticated typography skills along with an exceptional ability to analyze, organize and present information clearly have enabled her clients to succeed in today’s complex, changing business environment. Now celebrating over  20 years of business!

Laura Hodges Studio

Laura Hodges Studio is a boutique interior design firm located in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area (DMV). They work on full-service interior design projects and focus on creating the ultimate in beautiful, tailored spaces that express each client’s individual style.  They recently had the honor of being recognized with the following prestigious design awards: House Beautiful Next Wave Designer, Traditional Home New Trad, and Sotheby’s Home 20 Designers of 2020. Domain by Laura Hodges Studio is their home décor shop with a curated collection of local and globally sourced fair trade and sustainable home décor, original art, unique gifts, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Poppy Productions

Poppy Productions is a top Baltimore staging company that also provides home, garden and events design, as well as furniture refinishing. They are a full-service company specializing in designing stylish, appealing and organized interior and exterior spaces. Co-owners Allison Williams and Monica Maslack bring professional expertise to their company, named after their affectionate retriever, Poppy.

April-May 2022

In celebration of the Spring season and Earth Day, throughout the months of April and May the Community Spotlight Festival will feature local community gardens, florists and artisans whose work is influenced by nature. Welcome the season by discovering organizations that protect Baltimore’s waterways, green spaces, local farms and forested areas, as well as the work of artisans who inspire a love of the wildlife and plants around us.


Clean water. Strong communities. Blue Water Baltimore’s mission is to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy and thriving communities.


r mission is to provide Fells Point and Baltimore with unique houseplants that are both Row-Home friendly and easy to maintain. We believe in the mental and physical benefits of plants as both a way to brighten a home and a create a space of self-reflection and meditation. Partnering with local artists and makers, we also proudly offer a wide array of goods from pots & soil to self-care items and beyond.

This spring, we are thrilled to provide our own locally sourced small-batch soil MUSH LOVE. Made from our sister company BALTISPORE’s upcycled mushroom substrate and blended with local compost and organic soil conditioners, MUSH LOVE reflects our commitment to sustainability and promotion of all that Baltimore has to offer.

Located in the historic BUCK APPLIANCES building at 1814 Fleet Street in Fells Point, open Wednesday-Saturday 12-7 pm and Sunday 12-5 pm.


The Farm Alliance of Baltimore is a membership organization of urban farms, neighborhood growers and friends.  We use connection, resource sharing and collective advocacy with respect to food, land and water to expand communities’ self-determination and power.


Home and body goods handcrafted by women survivors with the healing power of love.  Hon’s Honey is a social enterprise dedicated to giving dignity and purpose to women survivors of addiction, trafficking, generational poverty and trauma.


Rachel Lundak was born in the mountains of Arizona in the small town of Lakeside. She received her MFA from the University of Cincinnati-DAAP in 2014, specializing in ceramics and sculpture.  In 2010 she received her BFA from Alfred University.  Rachel is currently an active member of the art community in Baltimore and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.  She is an adjunct professor at Towson University and lives in White Marsh, MD.  rachellundak@gmail.com


David Scheirer is an artist specializing in watercolors.  He paints in two distinct styles, brought together by an interest in animals and nature.  He lives in Aberdeen, Maryland, and is inspired by the Chesapeake Bay and East Coast, which gives much of his work a focus on coastal subjects  During his career as a self-employed artist David has had the pleasure of collaborating with various wildlife organizations including Audubon’s Project Puffin in Maine, International Bird Rescue, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

David’s realistic painting style often features birds, animals, plants and other subjects from nature, where he enjoys finding interesting combinations between realism, crisp detail, and the expressive fluidity of watercolors.  The other style-graphic and simplified-is also created with watercolors and features animals in their habitats.  In these paintings he finds a balance between reality and simplicity and enjoys discovering ways to capture the essence of an object in a few simple lines.


Our vision is to be a leader and partner in ensuring that communities’ open spaces and forest patches are considered priority assets in the growth and redevelopment of Baltimore.  We believe that green spaces provide unmatched opportunities for recreation, civic engagement, and community revitalization.  It is essential to retain existing natural spaces that have ecological value and biodiversity.  Our impact includes the scientifically documented social, health, environmental, and economic benefits that create strong neighborhoods and a vibrant city.


Sandra Y. Street is a lifelong resident of Baltimore.  She saves, collects and recycles almost everything to fulfill her mission of recycle, recreate and rejoice.  Her specialty is her doll designs, adorned with beads, trims and unusual fabrics and trinkets. Her dolls have been offered in the gift shops of the Smithsonian Museum, the Kennedy Center and Baltimore Museum of Art.  A few reside in the homes of celebrity doll collectors, including Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  In addition to dolls Sandra creates unique plant holders and pots from recycled materials.


Jennifer McBrien is a Baltimore textile artist who uses her sewing machine as a drawing tool to honor her fragile subjects.  Trained as a painter, with only one sewing class, she had relied on her experimentation and creative thinking skills to make her original designs.  Her process begins with her ink drawings that are than translated through the eloquence of the stitched line.  Her use of found, vintage or cotton duck canvas fabrics, set the stage background to deliver the message or feeling of each piece.  She also experiments with transparency and overlay with a variety of fabrics and embroidery techniques.  Her color thread pieces are created by “mixing color threads” in her needle to render realistic effects.


Crimson & Clover evolved out of a love and obsession for stunning flowers, whimsical details, and a desire to create memorable experiences. The company began in 2003 as a small retail boutique in Downtown Baltimore. Over the years it has thrived under the loving direction of owner and founder, Amy McManus, and has moved to its current retail space, conveniently located in the heart of Roland Park. Crimson & Clover services the DC/MD/VA region and is available for travel.

Crimson & Clover’s work is on the cutting-edge and exudes a subtle sophistication that has made them one of Baltimore’s most coveted florists. Dedicated to delivering the freshest styles and highest-quality blooms, Amy’s greatest joy lies in providing her clients with more than simple beauty- Amy seeks to establish meaningful connections with her clients that last a lifetime.


Elizabeth is an artist and illustrator in Baltimore, MD drawing for books, magazines, shops and personal commissions.  She works in watercolor and gouache paint on paper and digitally creates patterns for wallpaper and fabrics. Shop stationery, wallpaper, pillows and more on her site elizabethgraeber.com.


International Landscaping & Design focuses on bringing your home or commercial space a high-end, environmentally friendly installation that is unique and detail-oriented. The emphasis is on native planting, installed with our heavy equipment where possible to minimize environmental impact on job sites.  Past work includes the National Arboretum and an installation for Greek artist Jannis Koonelllis at the Hirshorn Galleries.

March 2022

We are grateful for the strategic and impactful role a plethora of women have played in the success and expansion of our mission through the years. And so, we’re honored to spotlight several local, women-owned enterprises during this International Women’s Month! Please come visit them and encourage the extension of what they are doing…for the benefit of us all….


Home and body goods handcrafted by women survivors with the healing power of love.  Mon’s Honey is a social enterprise dedicated to giving dignity and purpose to women survivors of addiction, trafficking, generational poverty and trauma.


A 100% woman-owned business, we produce globally inspired, small-batch artisanal toffees and barks. We live and work in Southwest Baltimore.  Supporting and growing our community is at the core of our mission.  MFG has donated more than 2,000 bags of toffee and bark to medical professionals, first responders, and front-line workers.


We love the neighborhood! For us, local shops stand at the heart of the community.  We like to surround ourselves with wonderful customers, creatives, food makers, and other independent retailers.  We champion small-scale artisan producers throughout our shop.  We hope that our years of knowledge and experience help you find the best quality, value, and, above all, flavor.  Ours is a love affair with people, places, and great products.  With these pillars, we hope to do right by everyone.  It’s our passion.


Erin Draper’s clothing is made in her Baltimore studio. She carefully selects fabrics that feel great to wear, many of which are sustainably produced. With an innovative and original approach to pattern-making, Erin uses draping, athletic-inspired seam lines and color blocking to create flattering designs that combine comfort with a unique and timeless style.


Found Studio is a maker-owned studio by artist Kacey Stafford.  It offers carefully curated gifts made primarily by locally/regionally small maker-owned businesses who create small batch goods.  You can feel good knowing that when you shop at Found Studio/Shop, located in the heart of NE Baltimore,  you are supporting not only one small business but several.


Located in the historic neighborhood of Mount Vernon, Chase Street Accessories & Engraving offers custom awards, branded promotional products, personalized gifts, and Baltimore City souvenirs.  Our state-of-the-art engraving and customization services unite in-house production with an international network of socially-conscious suppliers and vendors.


I strive to create art that makes people smile while increasing their appreciation for animals and nature.  My passion for animals stems from my vast experience volunteering with rescue animals and working in wildlife rehabilitation.  I love creating custom pet stickers and watercolor pet portraits that capture your pet’s best qualities and personality.


Greedy Reads is an independent and locally owned bookstore, with two locations in Baltimore (Fells Point and Remington).  We are committed to fostering inclusive and welcoming spaces, championing Baltimore’s incredible literary community, and celebrating books and stories from Baltimore and beyond.


Icosa is a luxury clothing and home goods brand making small batches in Baltimore, MD.  We focus on quality and sustainable materials whenever possible, and we pay our workers a living wage.

Through an ongoing partnership with the Sew Bromo Aprenticeship Training Program, we’re aiming to make a difference by teaching apprentice stitchers how to create well-made products in a factory environment.  Projects like the Everyday Tote and Ultimate Utility Tote allow apprentices to build their sewing skills in order to pursue employment in the local garment industry.


Naughty Naturals World is dedicated to empowering women that are multifaceted within their lifestyle.

February 2022

In celebration of Black History Month, we are featuring these Baltimore area black-owned businesses and artisans during February….


We created Afrothreads in order to preserve traditional African Textile Art, promote creativity, and increase Black ownership within the textile and fashion industry. We also aim to spread awareness about fast fashion, textile waste, and cultural exploitation.

BYKE Collective

The BYKE Collective is a youth enrichment program dedicated to personal and professional development through learning bicycle mechanics, practicing safe ridership, and building community.  BYKE is black-led and youth-centered to increase access to bike maintenance and youth employment for Baltimore City youth residents.

Black Women Build Baltimore

Black Women Build Baltimore was founded in 2017 by Shelley Halstead, who combined a law degree, skills and experience as a master carpenter, and a passion for economic and social justice. A homeownership and wealth-building initiative, BWG trains black women in carpentry, electrical work, and plumbing, as they restore vacant and deteriorated houses and are helped to buy them. The organization offers its holistic training program to capable women who are ready for change and would not otherwise have the opportunity.

Regal Clothes

Regal Clothes is a Baltimore-based fashion brand that believes in the transformative power of fashion. We use the vibrant Ankara tribal fabrics of West Africa to create unique clothing and accessories. I was raised with one foot in Africa and one foot in the West, the memories of my diverse childhood are strongly reflected in the fashions. The Regal Clothes Collection is a representation of my vibrant worlds coming together.  Our mission is to reconnect culture and self-awareness through fashion.

Drama MaMa Bookshop

The Drama MaMa Bookshop is a stationery manufacturing company that promotes mental and emotional wellness through the art of journaling, bookbinding and creative writing. Our mission is to create a safe space for our journalers to express themselves authentically and to map out how they will enact change in the world within and around them. Creating a safe space for authenticity is what we do and the mission behind each journal we bind.

Nina’s Cookie Explosion

Nina’s Cookie Explosion is a Black Woman-owned Baltimore-based business that has a big emphasis on helping the community. At Nina’s Cookie explosion, you can express your creativity by mixing and matching any dough and topping to make the perfect cookie for you!  Cookies and cookie dough are always made in small made-to-order batches.

It’s Major Creations

It’s Major Creations Apparel was created to express our pride in being HBCU alumnus. With each design created, our continued mission is to provide quality apparel that highlights African-American culture, expressions, and experiences.

Taylor Made Enterprises

“Building Communities of the future in the present, serving the underserved, both internal and external environments.” At SynergyGrid, we take great pride in our excellent workmanship, competitive fees, and ability to deliver outstanding results. Since our founding, we’ve worked hard toward building and maintaining a stellar reputation as a leading Sustainable Real Estate Construction and Development. We provide clients with a wide range of services to cover all their needs.

January 2022

The five special guests joining us during our open hours in January are all Baltimore Social Enterprises….

The Station North Tool Library seeks to empower all people to improve their lives and environments, through affordable access to tools, skills, and workspace. This nonprofit tool-lending library and community hub is in the heart of Baltimore City. We offer over 3,000 tools, 30 classes, a public woodworking shop, a dedicated DIY workspace, and a home repair classroom.

The Greenmount West Power Press (GWPP) is a community-centered boutique screen printing social enterprise of the Greenmount West Community Center Foundation.  The mission is to use screen printing tools to expand opportunities for community members of all ages and backgrounds to create and thrive.

The Greenmount West Community Center Foundation mission is to serve as an incubator invested in the greatness and talents of youth and their families. We do this through innovative programming which develops and evolves based on the needs of our youth and their families and through intentional partnerships which provide new experiences and exposure. Our vision is to create and maintain safe, welcoming, & inclusive space where opportunities to grow, learn, and create are boundless

Voices of Baltimore Youth is a literary arts organization founded on the belief that kids’ voices matter. Our mission is to help young people develop as writers and amplify their own voices.

CLLCTIVLY is a place-based social change organization centering Black Genius, Narrative Power, Social Networks, and Resource Mobilization. Our mission is to end the fragmentation and duplication of programs, to learn from and about each other, and to be a resource for the Greater Baltimore community that seeks to find, fund and partner with Black social change organizations.

December 2021

The five special guests joining us this December are….

Words with Boards

Words with Boards was conceived in 2013 out of our desire to make handcrafted American-made gifts for family and friends which were thoughtful and functional. It all started in the basement of our 1850’s Baltimore row home making one product, a personalized cutting board like no other.

“Words” traveled fast, as did their popularity. In 2015 our custom cutting boards were a finalist in the Martha Stewart AMERICAN MADE design contest. Later that year the custom cutting boards landed on Oprah Winfrey’s iconic Favorite Things holiday list. What a year!

Today, we have a fully equipped wood shop and design studio in Baltimore’s eclectic Hampden neighborhood where we specialize in artisan made one-of-a-kind heirloom gifts.

We believe in creativity and the art of thoughtful gift-giving. Each item we bring into our homes deserves a story, a style and must have a purpose. We believe made in America matters. We believe in giving back to our planet and community. The American hardwoods we use are sustainably forested and for each wooden product sold a tree is planted in the USA.

WhitePaws RunMitts

What if a run could ignite a new wave of industry? What if the clothes you wear could fuel the engine to rebuild manufacturing in your hometown?

WhitePaws RunMitts warmed the hands of Stacy Stube, who ran 200-miles in 8-days in the dead of winter to fundraise the opening of an abandoned garment factory in Baltimore, Md. Susan’s WhitePaws RunMitts are also creating manufacturing jobs in New York  City for one of the last glove makers and woman-owned, Wing & Weft Gloves.

She now wants to create an exclusive WhitePaws RunMitts and produce it in that very factory in her hometown of Baltimore. The mittens will be cut & sewn at SEW BROMO, a minority woman-owned factory that she helped to open. In five years, Susan has grown to a point where REI is now stocking  WhitePaws RunMitts in select stores for Fall/ Winter.

Nina’s Cookie Explosion

Nina’s Cookie Explosion is a black woman-owned Baltimore-based business that has a big emphasis on helping the community. At Nina’s Cookie explosion, you can express your creativity by mixing and matching any dough and topping to make the perfect cookie for you or as a gift! Cookies and cookie dough are always made in small made-to-order batches. We deliver free of charge in the Baltimore area and ship nationwide!

Maria Louise High

I like taking the overlooked and nearly invisible and turning them into coveted objects.  Modern treasure.

Much of my design inspiration comes from shore and marine life, places I travel to, and my own backyard. I use found objects, natural elements, and specimens to create textural, organic pieces that are a remembrance of a specific intersection of time and place. A shared experience. A pin on the map of a human life. An entry in a journal. An authentic souvenir.

The jewelry on display at Second Chance includes pieces created from building fragments found here.

Brian Anthony High Jr.

My body of work delves into the history of railroading through various media including photography and metalwork. Unisex jewelry includes etched cuffs, pins and neckwear that bear designs from railroad car textures, logos and hobo communications. Hand-printed/painted shirts bearing semiotic insignia will be added to the collection soon. HOBO Signs & Code Symbols were used by the community of American nomads, who typically traveled by railway seeking works and shelter, as a system of communication for seeking help and averting danger.

November 2021

The first three special guests joining us are….

Trades of Hope

TOH loves people and we put our artisans first. We engage in dignified partnerships that provide a marketplace for women to promote their business, enabling them to avoid the destructive forces of poverty and trafficking.

When you purchase these hand-made, fair-trade items you become part of the cycle of sustainability that allows women to change their circumstances. Instead of being a passive recipient of charity, they become an active person of influence in their families, their community and even their country!

When you shop with Kara, not only will you create an opportunity for dignified work and receive a beautiful product, but you will also invest in the lives of women who have survived the trauma of trafficking right here in the United States. All sales from this event will contribute to Elevate Academy, an innovative online school created BY survivors of human trafficking FOR survivors of human trafficking.

Just Brittle

Specializing in artisan brittle, gourmet popcorn, and handcrafted chocolates, female and black-owned, Natasha’s Just Brittle takes pride in using the freshest preservative-free ingredients. Beginning with cooking in her grandmother’s kitchen, Natasha now has her own commercial store outfitted with finds from Second Chance and opened to others striving to become entrepreneurs.

Thread Coffee

Thread Coffee Roasters is a women and queer employee-owned roaster based in Baltimore, Maryland. In our city and far away, we support other democratically-run organizations fighting for a better world. Thread Coffee is a WBENC, women-owned business, and B Corp certified roasting Fair-Trade and Organic.