Job Placement

Second Chance, Inc. is not just a job training center, but also a job placement center. In other words, we’ll always be a place where people come to learn and go to work!

One of Second Chance’s great successes is the ability to train, employ, and retain our own workforce. This has become the greater benefit of a program whose contribution began as primarily environmental and architectural. The social impact has advanced immensely and is always a driving factor in mapping Second Chance’s future development.

As part of our mission, we have identified a need for our graduates to have opportunities beyond employment by Second Chance. We aide and celebrate the transition of our workers to other rewarding vocational opportunities. Such initiatives are part of the bright future we can build as we all work together to retrain, reclaim and renew!

“We are not just offering a good job but employment in a growing sector of the economy. That’s a pathway to a smart career.”

—Mark Foster, Founder & CEO