Adjustable Tables available to Move to your Command!

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Second Chance has two different tables,

One Tilts to move out of the way and not take up space while not in use! How thoughtful!

Price for the black tilt top table: $85.00

On 5/5/2018 $68.00

On 6/4/2018 $55.25

On 7/4/2018 $42.50

The other one adjusts up or down and is on wheels to move anywhere easily at your choice of heights!

Price for this natural wood wonder: also $85.00

On 5/10/2018 $68.00

On 6/9/2018 $55.25

On 7/9/2018 $42.50

We have a few  in each style so drive by and buy on or one of each!

Yes, we do have free parking!