Just for the Record… vintage vinyl LP’s, 78’s and 45’s are now Playing at Second Chance!

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Our Record Museum is OPEN and for sale!

Second Chance had been graced with an Enormous Collection of Shellacs, vinyls, 78’s, 45’s and LP’s! Single records, set of Records….it just goes around and around!

If you just come and see what we have it will put a song in your heart!♥

Second Chance prices are pretty darn great! Anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 each! We have so many that will bring back memories or create new ones!

Did you know they came in different sizes and colors?

Add to, help complete or start a new Collection today! Here! NOW! We have hundreds to choose from.

AS they say in the record business, “What goes A Round, Comes A Round!”

Perhaps you would like to make a wall covering of records…hmmmm! Just saying!