Awards through 2010

September 2010 – “Baltimore Regional Workforce Innovations Award”

Awarded in the Category, “Overcoming Barriers to Employment and Retention”  Watch the video the City produced on Second Chance.

October 3, 2010 – “2010 Enoch Pratt Community Award” Presented by The First Unitarian Church of Baltimore

Winner of a 2010 Baltimore Social Action award – “Celebrating Beacons of Hope in Baltimore and the World”

October 2009 – “President’s Award – Craftsman of the Year” by Pres. Lee Driskill of the American Institute of Architects

Second Chance Salvage is recognized for rescuing and recycling the vast treasures of the craftsmen of Baltimore’s architectural past to be truly given a second chance!

June 27, 2009 – “City of Baltimore Certificate of Recognition”

In recognition of your outstanding service to the Operation Safe Kids Program and our city’s youth.

October 2008 – “Best Place to Furnish on a Budget”  Baltimore Magazine’s Best of Baltimore 2008

If you enjoy the hunt for unique items, you’ll love the five well-stocked warehouses of Second Chance Inc., 1645 Warner Street, 410-385-1101. A recent jaunt turned up some great finds including a mint condition 1920’s French armoire, a handmade Afghan rug, Victorian-era chairs,
and a shelving unit deconstructed from the set of The Wire. The nonprofit Second Chance also believes in giving low-income Baltimoreans a second chance by training them in carpentry, craftsmanship, and construction.

September 2008 – “Best Place to Buy Used Furniture”  Baltimore City Paper’s 2008 Best of Baltimore

Warehouse No. 3 in the Second Chance empire is the biggest treasure trove of affordable used furniture in the city. Sure, you can spend a few grand on an obnoxiously ostentatious stuffed orange leather carved walnut couch and club chair set (someone did–it’s gone), but there is plenty here for the modest budget. Every style is represented, from Art Nouveau gliding rockers to Mission-style dining room sets to Federal style chairs and all points in between. You could walk out of here with an awesome midcentury solid wood dresser for $200. We uncovered a hand-carved pine headboard and footboard stacked in a row of unremarkable factory-made bed frames. Walk through the vast warehouse and you’ll find just about anything you could muscle through your front door. School lockers. Oriental rugs. Baby furniture. Entertainment cabinets. The list stretches on; all you have to do is scratch out plenty of time to explore.

September 2007 – “Best Place to Buy Claw-Foot Tubs, Wrought-Iron Railings, and a Box of Glass Doorknobs” Baltimore City Paper’s Best of Baltimore 2007

Second Chance has five–count ’em, five–huge warehouses full of cool old stuff salvaged from buildings about to go under the wrecking ball. All sorts of architectural salvage can be found here: stuff made of wood, plaster, glass, marble, stone, or iron. Fireplaces, doorknobs, moldings, balustrades, chandeliers, paneling, cabinets, sinks, tubs, tiles, faucets, and appliances. Furniture, lighting, home décor, antiques. Shutters, windows, doors, radiators. If it’s something you could put in your house, on your house, or around your house, seriously,they probably have it. And it probably has some history. And it’s probably way cooler than the kind you would have found if you went to Home Depot and picked up the chipboard-and-glue mass-produced wannabe version.

December 16, 2005 – “Official Citation” from Senator Verna L. Jones of the 44th Legislative District, Baltimore City

Be it hereby known to all that sincerest congratulations are offered to Second Chance in recognition of your tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to Baltimore City’s Ex-Offender Initiative Re-entry Center and for working to enhance our region’s economic and workforce deevelopment. Thank you for your dedication. “The invaluable gift that you have given will continue to give for years to come.”

December 16, 2005 – “Official Citation” from Delegat Salima Siler Marriott, Chair of the Baltimore City Delegation

Sincerest congratulations are offered to Second Chance in recognition of enhancing our region’s economic and workforce development through your commitment to re-entry employment.

2005 – “Outstanding Employer” presented at the Regional Employer Appreciation Breakfast by The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

July 26, 2004 – “Mayor’s Letter of Appreciation” from Mayor Martin O’Maley

Wow!  I am thrilled about your achievements to date…. The city is fortunate to have the commitment and vision of persons like you.

2004 – “Mayor’s Business Recognition Awards” from the Greater Baltimore Committee and the Baltimore Development Corporation.