SECOND CHANCES FOR PEOPLE AND PETS! BARCS and Second Chance Celebrate National Pet Month in April

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Please read this release from our friends around the corner at the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter, who take in over 10k animals per year. This month-long partnership provides a fantastic opportunity to provide critical second chances to both people and pets!

BALTIMORE, MD — April 2021: To celebrate National Pet Month, Second Chance is partnering with BARCS to give back to animals in need in Baltimore. For the month of April, Second Chance will unveil their BARCS Boutique in their store. 100% of the sales from the BARCS Boutique will go directly to helping the homeless animals at BARCS.

The BARCS Boutique will include pet-related items that come into Second Chance as well as several items from BARCS’ online store. If shoppers want to browse more from the BARCS online store, a QR code will be on site to connect them. In addition, Second Chance will offer plans for shoppers to build their own cat tree or dog food/water bowl stand. These plans will list all the materials that are available for purchase at Second Chance and include a video with instructions on how to build each project. Lastly, flyers will be available on pet safety and what to do if your pet becomes lost.

“Second Chance is delighted to open our doors and hearts to the meaningful mission of our friends at BARCS. Pet Appreciation Month will provide the community a forum to support second chances for both pets and people in the convenience of one location. We want to thank our community for enabling more homeless animals to be adopted into loving homes,” says Pete Theodore, Marketing & IT Manager, Second Chance.

Second Chance is open Thursday-Sunday from 9am-5pm. They are located at 1700 Ridgley Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.


The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) is the largest companion animal shelter in Maryland and the only open-admission shelter in Baltimore City. BARCS takes in more than 10,000 animals yearly—including dogs, cats, small companion animals, wildlife, farm animals and exotics. BARCS serves as a resource to the community for citizens and their animals in need. In just a few years, BARCS significantly increased the number of animals saved from 2% in 2005 (under Animal Control) to over 90% dogs and cats saved in 2018. The shelter’s services include: providing housing and lifesaving care to homeless animals, public education and outreach, tracking lost and found pets, offering low-cost vaccinations and microchip clinics, pet licensing, and the Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) of community cats. In addition to the aforementioned services, BARCS provides families and individuals the opportunity to adopt loving companion animals and save lives. As Maryland’s largest open admission shelter, BARCS does not turn away any animal in need of shelter, food and a loving touch. BARCS grants refuge to every abandoned, neglected, abused, lost or surrendered animal that comes through our door—staggering 35 or more animals are surrendered to BARCS every single day of the year.

About Second Chance

Second Chance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides people, materials and the environment with a second chance. We deconstruct buildings and homes, salvage usable materials, and make those and other donated items available to the public for reuse at our more than 250,000 square foot retail center. With the revenue generated, we provide job training and workforce development for those with various employment obstacles in the Baltimore region.

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